Our Approach

Remember back in the day when things were made by hand and people took pride in their work?

In those days when you rolled into your local “Service Station” there were four to six uniformed Service Station Attendants waiting to service your vehicles needs. They filled your car with gas, checked the engine oil, took out the garbage, checked the tire pressures, and washed all the glass including signals and mirrors.

At Charvar Networks we take the same approach to your technology. We service every aspect of your computing technology from your desktop PC, to your servers, to your full cloud computing experience.

We engineer the right solution for your business using industry best-practices, experience, and all the resources we have.

Just like when you rolled out of that 1950's service station, your technology will be just like that fully serviced automobile. Ready to roll, fully serviced, and performing at peak efficiency; your business demands it!

Why Use Us?

At Charvar we take the next generation approach to providing IT support and service.  We understand that businesses need all of the technological advantages they can get, while keeping a watchful eye on their IT budgets.  As a Microsoft Cloud Partner, our focus and commitment to the cloud brings a better way for businesses to appreciate many new IT benefits at an affordable price.


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You will be amazed at the benefits and advantage cloud computing will provide your business over traditional IT service and support.

    Does Your Business Require:                           Charvar's Solutions Provide:

  • A more affordable approach to predicting your IT costs?
  • The ability to work anywhere and stay connected?
  • Reliable and robust communications?
  • Operating systems & applications that never get outdated?
  • A scalable IT environment without infrastructure costs?
  • Proactive convenient ontime support?
  • An IT solutions provider who will help strategically guide and Elevate your Business?
  • Great value for every dollar you spend
  • Predictable & Scalable Costs
  • Industry Strength Security & Reliability
  • Enterprise Class Proven Functionality
  • Always Current Virus, Spam, and Critical Update Protection Centralized IT Management & Control
  • Full Backup & Disaster Protection 24/7 Reliability and Support
  • Backed by a Financial Service Level Guarantee












Whether you need to work from anywhere, require better security and reliability from your systems or simply need better IT control and management, the robust cloud based technologies not only meet but exceed expectations. At Charvar we build on the basic premise that in this day of technology "we can give you more for less". It's called Value!