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File Server in the Cloud

Taking your Files to the Cloud with Secure, Reliable File Syncronization is Easy!file-server-cloud

Having the benefits of a file server in the cloud offers a complete and secure way to take your files and documents with you. Leave behind the burden of having to manage and maintain multiple copies of your files with secure file sync.  A file server in the cloud solution will provide you with access to your documents from your office, your home or your mobile device.  Whether you are using a Desktop PC, Mac, iPhone, Andriod Phone, Windows Phone, Tablet, iPad or one of the many other Internet connected devices accessing your files and documents can be easy and a convenient.
Easily customizable, our file server in the cloud solutions offer complete permission based workgroup file sharing, full data synchronization, document access and version control.  Your files are always safe with the ability to remotely delete privileged files or documents should the need arise, and once you are cloud based your data is always backed up, offsite without any manual intervention.
Syncplicity, Dropbox, SugarSync, Mozy are amongst the leaders in secure file sync and data backup technologies.  Depending on your personal or business needs each solution carries a unique service that can give you the freedom to work where you want, how you want.  We design a file server in the cloud solution that will work within your business data and document sharing policies.  Workgroup sharing and collaboration has never been so available and mainstream; with mature tools and applications, taking your files to the cloud provides an incredible resource and advantage for your personal or organizational needs.
Affordable, Convenient, Secure.....A new way to see your business grow and succeed without costly overhead. 
Give us a call! We are standing by to answer any quesions you may have and will provide you with a Free Trial of our many file server in the cloud solutions.
Enjoy more freedom in your world of technology, we will show you how!